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JABN JABN is private internet stream broadcast station based in Korea since 2010. And main stream is Jeongseon Arirang content that an intangible Heritage of Korea. JABN is an organization of consisting of people unsurpassed in the love of Arirang and committed to share in the world over internet.
Foundation 30-June-2010
President David(Y.W) Yoon
Telephone +82.10.5515.5553
Country Korea(south)
Broadcast Stream MP3, WMA. FLASH
Annual Event Jeongseon Arirang Festival

“Arirang” is a Korean folk song, sometimes considered the unofficial national anthem of Korea. To inherit and develop the song that embodies the spirit of love as well as the joys and sorrows of the Korean people, the Jeongseon Arirang Festival was first held in September 1976. Visitors to this annual festival can see the various aspects of Korean traditional culture and enjoy autumn in the Gangwon province.

Main Events

Arirang singing contest, pungmul contest, contest to selexct a female manager to run Jeonsanok tavern, talent contest, Chonti Blues contest, Jeongseon Arirang performance, street performance, original play (Yangban Story), puppet show, traditional wedding reenactment, lantern hanging, rubber band game, fireworks, and much more


From the Dong Seoul Terminal, take a direct bus towards Jeongseon (7:10am~6:55pm, departs every 1hr~1hr 30min / est. travel time of 3hrs 30min) and get off at Jeongseon Terminal. Then, take a taxi from the terminal to the festival grounds. This takes approximately five minutes and the taxi fare should come out to around 3,000 won.

More Information

If you have any question and inquiry, Please contact JACF(Jeongseon Arirang Culture Foundation) call at +82.33.563.2646

Travel Guide in Jeseonseon

1. Mindung San
Enjoy the exotic scenes of reeds. It looks like the whole top of the mountain is covered with dancing reeds when the wind blows. Check out the pictures, but even the picture can't tell the truth of the beautiful and amazing scenery

2.Hwa Am Mineral Spring
Hwa Am mineral spring water gushes out of the rocks collecting iron, calcium, fluorine and other elements. It is said to be medically effective for stomachaches, eye infections, skin problems and so forth. The water has a refreshing taste, similar to that of lemon-lime soda. The spring was discovered in 1910 by Mr. Moon Myoung Mu. Legend has it that if a person with a "possessed" mind tries to drink the water, they'll see a Boa Constrictor.

3. Jeongseon Arirang performance for 1 hour
"Arirang" is arguably the most popular and best-known Korean folk song, both inside and outside Korea.

4. Five-Day Market
The Market has the nostalgia and pure environment of an old Korean Market. You'll be able to get a sense of the original Korean lifestyle

5. Ararichon(traditional folk village in Jeongseon)
Restaurant for lunch - taste the fresh and yummy local food, also perfect for vegetarians. Gondre Namulbab (traditional bibimbab), Kotdeungchigi noodles (local noodle that look like small pasta), pajeon, with typical drinks of corn Makgeolri or whatever...

6. Rail Bike(Location: Jeongseon Yeoryang)
The rail bike is so romantic place. if we go there with someone that we love, maybe it will be more amazing. this place is still in Gangwon-do province. we can really enjoy the beautiful scenery while we are riding the bike.

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